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If you are looking for an international payment consultant that can help you find the best multinational payment solution for your needs, you have come to the right place. We are brokers of payment solutions and partner with best-in-class payment service provider partners. We specialize in solutions for outbound payments to people all over the world AND solutions for accepting inbound payments from the growing global marketplace (in other words, we are active in both the issuing and acquiring sides of the payment industry). We are experienced, well-connected and knowledgeable about the newest and most innovative e-wallet and virtual wallet solutions available. We help clients with global payout solutions supporting corporate load private label prepaid Visa cards that can be issued worldwide (well, nearly worldwide; 170+ countries).

The way we see it, our job is to make international payments easier for our clients.

True global e-commerce and worldwide payment acceptance can be challenging with multiple currencies, accepting European debit card networks, and all the different local / alternative payment methods in use around the world.  Even though many e-commerce software platforms can support multiple languages and international bank cards, most acquiring industry merchant account providers are not up for what a large scale multinational e-commerce company needs.  Large multinational e-commerce merchants need highly specialized and extremely knowledgeable payment professionals on the team to ensure the highest possible sale completion rate in the industry. The worst thing that can happen to any e-commerce merchant is lost sales due to inability to accept preferred payment methods of buyers (which often times do not have a “proper” bank account).  If you don’t have an experienced payment adviser on your team, we would like to be your payment consultant.

We are International Payment Consultants

  • We work in the merchant acquiring side of the payment industry for clients with international e-commerce payment needs
  • We offer prepaid debit card consulting on the issuing side of the payments industry
  • We market retail packaged prepaid products to retail merchants in 35 countries

We offer Global Merchant Account placement

  • With best-in-class payment services providers that maintain proven track records and excellent client satisfaction
  • We can help you present your goods and services in just about all global currencies with dynamic currency conversion and foreign language support
  • That allow e-commerce merchants to settle in US Dollar USD, Euro EUR, Pound Sterling GBP, Canadian Dollar CAD, Austrailian AUD, Sweedish Kronor SEK, Swiss Frank CHF, Danish Krone DKK, Norwegian Krone NOK, Icelandic Króna ISK, Japanese Yen JPY, Hong Kong Dollar HKD,  Chinese Renminbi/Yuan CNY, Thailand Baht THB, South African Rand ZAR, Polish Zloty PLN, Turkish Lira TRY, Czech Koruna CZK, and Hungarian Forint HUF.
  • By also being able to support all the major international debit card networks, electronic bank transfers, and alternative payment methods (including cash), Prineta International offers the most payment options in the industry
  • True multi-channel processing through a single solution with pre-authorisation, settlement, high volume processing, risk scoring and management, and everything a successful and growing e-commerce company needs
  • High risk and restricted business models can be accepted; including travel, adult, nutra, e-cigarettes, electronic goods and services, memberships/subscriptions, wellness, online marketplaces, and more


Selling globally means being able to accept payments from people in UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, and pretty much every country in the world.

And while others may be able to offer international payment acceptance, very few can offer merchant accounts outside the United States and the European Union.  This is one of the big things that differentiates Prineta from the others.  We accept more global merchants than anyone else in the industry.  With years of relationship building with payment service providers and international banks, we have more solutions and more happy clients.  We will get you connected to the best payment service provider and bank for your unique needs.  We can even do high risk, online gaming, travel and exotic deals.  We have all the connections.  We will take care of you.

We offer a Free WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extension

WooCommerce is one of the fastest growing and most popular WordPress plugins for serious online merchants.  Our free WooCommerce payment gateway extension opens doors to the global economy.  The more currencies you can accept and more you can sell.  Don’t live in the US or EU but still need a merchant account?  We can help.  We do more countries than any other payment gateway extension for WooCommerce.  More will be posted when our extension launches within the next month; until then, enquire for details.

We are located in the Financial Capital of the World

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We would like you to Be One of our Clients

If you are looking for a international merchant account that will allow you to sell in and export to other countries around the world or you are an international merchant searching for a payment and credit card processing company that will accept merchants in the country you live, then you’ve come to the right place.  We have more payment options, in more countries, in more currencies than anyone else in the industry.  We offer truly global reach to our clients.

For clients in the United States, please visit Prineta USA.

Everything we do is focused on helping clients find solutions to payment needs.  We are problem solvers, innovators, thought leaders and professional advisers. Benefit from our knowledge, experience and connections to find proven solutions.

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